Openreach invests in Commscope to accelerate fiber deployment

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British Telecom BT's spin-off company Openreach is investing in CommScope to provide new technology to accelerate the construction of an all-fiber network. As part of the Openreach collaboration, CommScope will employ approximately 30-50 manufacturing engineers in Rhyl, North Wales. They will assemble the connectorized block terminal, that is, a single optical fiber is connected to the optical fiber connection point of the main optical fiber cable. These can be found on the top of a telephone pole or in a room on the ground. CommScope has specially configured the NOVUX platform for Openreach's construction plan. Engineers will be able to use NOVUX's reinforced terminals, which are designed to improve health and safety and reduce time spent on utility poles. Using NOVUX can complete a site visit within a few hours.

Openreach believes that, according to its business plan, it can build all-fiber optics for 4 million rural and urban sites every year, or about 75,000 per week.


Kevin Murphy, Director of Optical Fiber and Network Delivery at Openreach, said: "Building a new broadband network in the UK is an extremely complex national project, second only to HS2 in terms of investment. It will help improve the UK's standards because The impact of all-fiber broadband ranges from improving economic prosperity and international competitiveness to increasing employment and environmental benefits, enabling more people to work from home and reducing commuting travel. We attach great importance to our partner network and seek long-term and strategic Cooperation. CommScope is a good example. This continuous partnership means that we can benefit from the skills and innovation of its team to help us further build all-fiber optics. We are also very happy that CommScope agrees with our belief in investing locally. The NOVUX technology produced in Wales will enable our engineers to overcome complex engineering challenges across the UK."

In April 2021, Openreach announced a strategic cooperation with digital network integrator STL to provide fiber optic cable solutions for "all fiber" broadband networks. Earlier this year, Openreach and Canadian testing and monitoring expert EXFO announced that they intend to collaborate on a major initiative to accelerate the deployment of all-fiber optics and improve the quality and experience of Openreach's UK customers.

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