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         Optical fiber patch panels are used to separate optical fibers in optical fiber cables. By using one of the patch panels, the optical fiber can be spliced to a single optical fiber on the other cable, allowing the cables to be crossed and connected in a variety of ways. Designed specifically for the data center environment as a protection function for fiber management

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         The rack-mounted optical fiber distribution frame in the picture above is a rack unit (1U / 1RU) high-density distribution frame, which can provide 2 metal optical fiber adapter panels, and when 2 are used, up to 48 optical fiber LGX fibers can be connected Adapter panel. This structure can provide maximum flexibility and better meet the needs of communication networks. The introduced modular large-capacity optical fiber distribution rack utilizes unique structures such as panels and drawers to make the operation of optical fiber splicing and wiring more convenient; in addition, vertical wiring troughs and intermediate distribution racks are used to effectively solve the problem of pigtail distribution. Putting and storage problems. Therefore, it is the most popular kind of large-capacity optical fiber distribution frame, but its cost is relatively high

         The selection of optical fiber distribution frame is an important and complicated task. All localities should fully consider various factors according to the specific local conditions, and on the basis of careful understanding and repeated comparison, can we choose the one that best meets the current needs. And future development of optical fiber distribution frame. What OMC provides is a high-quality ultra-fine optical fiber distribution frame, which is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate and is treated by static plastic spraying. It can be used to install SC/LC/FC/ST/E2000/MPO adapters. The box can be installed in Indoor walls and terraces.More information is available at https://www.omcftth.com/products-category/19-rack-mount-patch-panel-modular-design.html.

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