Silicon Photonics Technology and'Super Engine'

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         On October 14, 2020, the China Optical Communication Industry Development Conference was held during the PT exhibition. Invited Dr. Zhu Yu from Hengtong Lockley to attend the China Light Summit and deliver a keynote speech.

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         Dr. Zhu Yu said that in recent years, the rapid development and wide application of cloud computing and big data have placed high demands on data center networks and optical interconnection technologies. It is predicted that the global Internet traffic will increase three times in the next five years, which shows that this has brought huge bandwidth demand.

         With the acceleration of 5G construction projects and the start of a new round of large-scale construction of data centers, it will undoubtedly compare the development of the optical communication industry chain including fiber optic cables, optical communication equipment, optical devices, optical modules, and website operation and construction. The obvious pulling effect will further help promote the development and update of optical communication technology. Silicon photonics technology is a low-cost, high-speed optical communication technology based on silicon photonics. It uses laser beams instead of electronic signals to transmit data. It combines optical and electronic components into an independent microchip to improve routers and switch lines. The chip-to-chip connection speed between cards. For the construction of next-generation data center networks, Co-Package Optics based on silicon-based photonic integration technology is an ideal optical connection solution with large capacity, high speed, low cost, and low power consumption.

         "In general, silicon photonics technology is the ‘super engine’ for next-generation data center networks," Zhu Yu made this judgment. He believes that optoelectronic collaborative packaging based on silicon-based photonic integration technology can achieve advanced CMOS nodes, optimized analog front-ends, and optimized photonic devices for high-yield and high-efficiency assembly, which greatly simplifies through decomposition, elimination, simplification and integration The signal transmission channel is an effective technology to meet the bandwidth requirements in the ultra-100G era.

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