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New Year's speech

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         Dear OMC partners, the time is now December 31, 2020, the last day of 2020. OMC is here to thank all our excellent customers, friends suppliers, and colleagues in OMC. We wish you happy new year,and a happy family!

         Looking back on the year 2020, we are facing huge challenges and tribulations. Under the pressure of COVID-19, we are still struggling to move forward. Luckily, it is precisely because of our close cooperation and mutual support that we can achieve our 19-year development goal while maintaining the normal operation of the company. OMC once again thanked everyone for their support and promised that in the upcoming year, OMC will provide more professional and high qualitied products and better services to partners.

         2021, there will be greater challenges along the way. OMC hopes to meet the greater challenges with its partners and colleagues in a new attitude!

         OMC believes that our tomorrow will be better!

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