Ten Mile Silver Beach - Mid - 2021 Summary

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Time flies quickly, and last weekend ushered in a summary meeting of the company's first quarter. In order to successfully convene this meeting, the company decided to choose the location of the meeting at Country Garden Shili Yintan Resort, so that everyone can relax after the meeting.

According to administrative arrangements, on Saturday morning, four people set up their respective task lists to purchase a large amount of ingredients for the dinner and barbecue on Saturday night and the hot pot on the weekend morning. At the appointed time, everyone drove by themselves, and it took two hours to reach the destination-Shili Yintan.

The scenery of Country Garden Shili Yintan is very beautiful, and the sea breeze is accompanied by the waves, which is endless and relaxing. After we found the room in the booked accommodation, we started the mid-year summary meeting on the weekend. The meeting lasted for a long time and lasted until 5 o'clock in the afternoon. Although it was boring, with the active speeches and the boss's speech, it seemed much more interesting in the atmosphere of the seaside villa.

After the meeting, we began to prepare dinner, each with a dish, through our own hands, soon a table of very meaningful delicacies was born. The executive prepared drinks and beer for everyone. Amidst the laughter, everyone ate dishes, drank wine, exchanged and discussed, and was very happy.

As night fell, the already-prepared barbecue grill also carried out its work. The boss personally barbecued, accompanied by the smoke curling, and made everyone burst into appetite. After eating and drinking, we came to the beach. The surroundings were not deserted. Instead, we saw many foreign friends singing and dancing. We also found a place to play our own game, and then set off fireworks, which was especially interesting.

As time passed, we soon followed the sound of the waves into our respective dreams.

The mid-year summary meeting was a complete success!

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