How to use fiber optic patch cable like copper patch cable?

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Since the advent of the optical fiber, due to the material of the optical fiber, the optical fiber used in various environments must be processed into an optical cable with corresponding mechanical properties in order to ensure the safety of the optical fiber during the process of laying, installing, using, and maintaining. To ensure the smooth flow of the network. The optical fiber itself is a very weak link in terms of side pressure and impact resistance. Existing a large number of outdoor optical cables and indoor optical cables do not provide fundamental guarantees for these performances in complex environments.

Tests show that the lateral pressure resistance of flexible metal armored fiber optic jumpers increases as the outer diameter of the armor tube decreases, and the maximum value has reached the current extreme value of conventional optical cable test equipment (8000N/10CM). The indoor and outdoor optical cables of various specifications processed by this special optical fiber line can easily achieve the characteristics of small size, light weight, and superior environmental characteristics. It is the first choice for optical transmission used under complex environmental conditions such as building wiring, optical connection of key equipment room equipment, field operations, sensor detection, fiber to the home, fiber to the desktop and other complex environmental conditions.

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What is an armored patch cable? The armored patch cable is a patch cable that can be used as a copper patch cable. They used cables with soft metal protective tubes and standard connectors. These products can protect mice and ants from biting fibers. Although armored patch cables are strong, they are actually as flexible as standard fiber optic patch cords; they can be bent at will without breaking. The sturdy armored patch cable allows the optical fiber to be installed in the most dangerous areas, including environments with excessive dust, oil, gas, moisture, and even rodents that can cause damage.

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Product Application:

  •  It is suitable for direct laying of optical cables along walls, ceilings, interlayers and conduits indoors and outdoors. The pigtails and movable connecting wires of communication equipment produced with a standard and sturdy structure design can be directly used for connection between equipment.

  •  Indoor horizontal wiring, vertical wiring in buildings, LAM network, suitable for the connection of multiple information points, and recommended for direct connection with end users.

  •  Between outdoor buildings, the community backbone network wiring; outdoor wiring is directly introduced indoors, reducing costs.

  •  Used as the pigtail cable of the backbone network, directly connected from the backbone network to the equipment in the building to isolate the lightning and improve the reliability of the system.

  •  The minimum bending radius is small, which can be used for large-capacity, multi-client indoor overall laying, unit wiring, and independent branch use, and can be easily connected to each terminal device.

  •  Recommended for high-density wiring, small installation space and installation curvature

This series of optical cable products are perfectly matched with various connectors of existing standards. The concept of full steel armor protection has been certified by a large number of practices, and it is true that optical fibers can be used like copper cables.

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