How to quickly detect unqualified fiber optic patch cord?

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The main purpose of optical fiber jumper detection is to ensure the quality of the system connection, reduce failure factors, and find out the failure point of the optical fiber when a failure occurs. There are many inspection methods for optical fiber patch cords. The methods introduced in this article are mainly divided into manual simple measurement and precision instrument measurement.

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Manual simple measurement: This method is generally used to quickly detect the on-off of the patch cord and distinguish the patch cord made during construction. It uses a simple light source to input visible light from one end of the fiber jumper, and observe which one emits light from the other end. Although this method is simple, it cannot quantitatively measure the attenuation of the patch cord and the breakpoint of the fiber optic patch cord.

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Precision instrument measurement: Use an optical power meter or an optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR) to quantitatively measure the patch cord, which can measure the attenuation of the patch cord and the attenuation of the connector, and even the breakpoint of the patch cord Location. This kind of measurement can be used to quantitatively analyze the causes of failures in optical fiber networks and to evaluate optical fiber network products.

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  •  Optical fiber communication system;

  •  Optical fiber broadband access network;

  •  Optical fiber CATV;

  •  Local area network LAN;

  •  Optical fiber instrument meter;

  •  Optical fiber sensor;

  •  Optical fiber teaching data transmission system;

  •  Test equipment

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