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About Cable Management

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Cable Management

With the continuous changes in data, various servers and equipment in data centers are now showing a straight upward trend. At the same time, this also puts tremendous pressure on cable management in data centers. A complete cable management process is usually divided into several steps: jumper sorting, standard naming and management, document management, and intelligent electronic management. The cable management in foreign countries is generally better than that in China, mainly due to The integrated process management of the first three steps. If the process management is not carried out, no matter how well the first three steps are done, the later maintenance and management will not be carried out normally.

To do a good job in cable management, manufacturers, contractors, installers, engineers and industry experts and technicians need many years of work experience to jointly improve. There are many problems in current cable management in China, such as cable ties. In the United States, normal data centers basically do not use nylon ties to bundle cables. Although the nylon cable tie will tie the cable tighter, it is easy to exceed the force range of the cable, which may cause individual cores inside the cable to be broken. Generally speaking, nylon cable ties are a one-time solution. You have to use tools to remove all cables during cable maintenance. The removal is laborious and it is easy to damage the cables. At present, most of the domestic cables are bundled with nylon ties, so we can often see that in the early stages of construction, some data centers have perfect and beautiful cable management and binding. After a few months of operation, a single cable will appear. , And then the cables will be interspersed with each other, forming a chaotic situation.

What kind of tie is the most suitable for cable management? The answer is Velcro products. The United States has been doing a good job in this regard. Most of them use Velcro products to control the radial force of the cable. If it is necessary to use nylon cable ties, it will also add cushioning protection materials between the cable ties and the cable. Compared with foreign countries, although we still have a big gap in cable management, we have also seen some gratifying progress.


The above are some questions about cable ties. In addition to cable ties, what other aspects should we probably pay attention to in cable management?

Design the cable layout in advance-People who often wire in the data center must be very familiar with the phrase "measure twice and cut once", which means that the cable must be processed without error. The cable layout needs to be designed in advance to avoid problems in the process of cable management.

Be wary of beverage disasters-do not bring snacks or drinks into the data center when wiring. If these things are accidentally spilled into the equipment, it will cause devastating damage to these equipment.

Prevent circuit failures-Ensure that the data center has backup power supplies or engines that can provide power to prevent accidental cut off of the data center power supply, and ensure the stable and continuous operation of the data center cable management.

Good cable management is the guarantee for the stable operation of the data center and must be taken seriously. With the further development of technology, the level of cable management will continue to improve, but we must maintain a high degree of vigilance in some small details. After all, the details of cable management are very important elements in the data center.

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