3M™ Cross Connect Cabinets 4220/4230 Series Cable/Wire Management

With a wide variety of cabinet sizes and profiles, the 3M brand Cross-Connect Cabinets 4220 and 4230 Series make it easy for you to meet your needs for any new construction project.

Chapter List:
Removing Frames 1:02

Using the 3M(TM) MS2(TM) GBM Module to Splice a Field Cable 3:59

Splicing a 62-inch 3M(TM) 710 Block Harness t a Field Cable 7:17

Splicing a 114-inch 3M(TM) MS2(TM) Block Harness to a Field Cable 9:49

Identifying Blocks, Jumpering and Testing 14:41

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Post time: Aug-22-2016
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