8 Fibers MTP/MPO-LC/SC Breakout Cassette


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8 Fibers MTP/MPO Breakout Cassette module

FHD Series 4-to-1 Migration Cassettes module convert a single lane of parallel optic signals into (4) discrete duplex LC channels. A single MTP connector running 40G/100G is breakout to 4 lanes of 10G/25G on duplex LC.

 MTP/MPO Breakout Cassette module feature one rear 8-fiber MTP ports connection and 4 duplex LC ports in front. This Base-8 cassette is designed to upgrade existing LC links to SR4 parallel optics without wasting any of the fibers inside the cable, and it is ideal to deploy a Base-8 connectivity solution for use in main, horizontal and equipment distribution areas.

 MPO/MTP Breakout Cassette modules is made of cold rolled steel sheet or Aluminum, MPO/MTP Cassette Modules provide secure transition between MPO/MTP and LC or SC discrete connectors. They are used to interconnect MPO/MTP backbones with LC or SC patching.

MTP/MPO Breakout Cassette module is the kind of module that allows for rapid deployment of high-density data center infrastructure as well as improved troubleshooting and reconfiguration during moves, adds and changes. Which is proved to be time and energy saving as well as cost-efficient? Moreover, it enables users to take the fibers brought by a trunk cable and distribute them to a duplex cable.

 MTP/MPO cassette features optimized performance with low insertion losses and power penalties, high-density and MTP/MPO interface of superior optical and mechanical properties.


  • Design for MPO/MTP SYSTEM, for quickly network deploy and quick-fix solution
  • High-density and small design;
  • 8 and 12 and 24 fiber versions – 4/6/12 LC (Duplex) / SC (Simplex) optical parts
  • Available Multimode (62.5/125, Standard 50/125 and OM3、OM4) and Single mode(OS1/2) fiber.
  • Factory-terminated and -tested cable and apparatus for instant field connections with guaranteed quality and performance
  • Metallic shell with high strength protect the inner fibers effectively
  • Supports easy reconfiguration for moves, adds, and changes
  • Available for the installation of LC/SC adapter.

Fiber Count


Fiber Type


Front Connector Type

4x LC UPC Duplex

Rear Connector Type

1x MTP UPC Base-8 (male)

MTP Adapter

Key up to Key down

LC Adapter

LC DX SC footprint

Insertion Loss


MM: MTP≤0.35dB,LC≤0.2dB

Return Loss



Operating Temperature

0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)

Storage and Shipping Temperature

-40°C to +75°C


Ideal for QSFP+ switches that use 8-fiber per port to support 4 x LC breakout. It allows for 100% fiber utilization and provides better network scalability and improved link performance.


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