24 Fibers MTP/MPO-LC/SC Breakout Cassette

24 Fibers MTP/MPO-LC/SC Breakout Cassette


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24 Fibers MTP/MPO Breakout Cassette module

FHD Series 12-to-2/1 Migration Cassettes module convert a single lane of parallel optic signals into (12) discrete duplex LC channels. A single MTP/MPO connector running 40G/100G is breakout to 12 lanes of 10G/40G on duplex LC. Full loaded 2/1x MTP/MPO Male to 12 LC Duplex Plug-Play modules is designed for 10G/40G Ethernet, fiber channel and high speed data center.

MTP/MPO Breakout Cassette module feature 2/1 rear 12/24-fiber MTP/MPO ports connection and 12 duplex LC ports in front. This Base- 24 cassette is designed to upgrade existing LC links to SR4 parallel optics without wasting any of the fibers inside the cable, and it is ideal to deploy a Base-8 connectivity solution for use in main, horizontal and equipment distribution areas.

MPO/MTP Breakout Cassette modules is made of cold rolled steel sheet or Aluminum, MPO/MTP Cassette Modules provide secure transition between MPO/MTP and LC or SC discrete connectors. They are used to interconnect MPO/MTP backbones with LC or SC patching.

MTP/MPO Breakout Cassette module is the kind of module that allows for rapid deployment of high-density data center infrastructure as well as improved troubleshooting and reconfiguration during moves, adds and changes. Which is proved to be time and energy saving as well as cost-efficient? Moreover, it enables users to take the fibers brought by a trunk cable and distribute them to a duplex cable.

MTP/MPO cassette features optimized performance with low insertion losses and power penalties, high-density and MTP/MPO interface of superior optical and mechanical properties.


  • Design for MPO/MTP SYSTEM, for quickly network deploy and quick-fix solution
  • High-density and small design;
  • 8 and 12 and 24 fiber versions – 4/6/12 LC (Duplex) / SC (Simplex) optical parts
  • Available Multimode (62.5/125, Standard 50/125 and OM3、OM4) and Single mode(OS1/2) fiber.
  • Factory-terminated and -tested cable and apparatus for instant field connections with guaranteed quality and performance
  • Metallic shell with high strength protect the inner fibers effectively
  • Supports easy reconfiguration for moves, adds, and changes
  • Available for the installation of LC/SC adapter.

Optical Performance:

Fiber Count


Fiber Type


Front Connector Type

12x LC UPC Duplex

Rear Connector Type

2x MTP UPC Base-12 (male)

1x MTP UPC Base-12 (male)

MTP Adapter

Key up to Key down

Key up to Key UP

LC Adapter

LC DX SC footprint

Insertion Loss


MM: MTP≤0.35dB,LC≤0.2dB

Return Loss



Operating Temperature

0°C to 70°C (32°F to 158°F)

Storage and Shipping Temperature

-40°C to +75°C

Structure of HD MPO MTP Cassette

OMC’s MTP Cassette Modules are fitted with 12 or 24 Fibers and have LC, SC adapters on the front side and MTP/MPO at the rear. This cassette was made into smaller size and can be deployed in an ODF for higher density main distribution area (MDA) to the equipment distribution area (EDA) in the data center.


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