How to Test Fiber Optic Fast Connector

日期: 2019-10-17
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How to Test Fiber Optic Fast Connector How to Test Fiber Optic Fast Connector

  1.Use a cable stripper to strip the outside coating of the cable to expose the active wire underneath. Usually, stripping a wire or cable involves scoring the coating to the cable to detach it so it slides away from the outside of the wire without damaging the wire.

  2. Generally test every 10 fiber optic connectors need to re-manufacturing optical fiber, each test needs to check the fiber If it is damaged.

  3. Cut drop the protective layer of the cable as far as possible, instead of with a wire stripper, to reduce the damage of the fiber cable. When use a wire stripper, bent the fiber optical cable 60 degrees in four directions, check the fiber if it is intact. At present, many wire strippers are poor quality, easy to damage the fiber optic, must particularly stressed.

  4. The use of imported fiber cleaver, such as Sumitomo FC-6S, complete the pressure optical fiber surface and keep the cutting surface clean, to ensure excellent cutting quality. Excellent cutting surface is flat with the end face of the tilt angle is less than 0.5 degrees and no glitches. Poor Cutting surface the end tilt angle is large and there are glitches. Burr fiber optic inserted into the fiber fast connector may appear broken fiber, fiber butt gap and so on, will leading to a loss of circuit of the products.

  The attentions you should mind during the testing process

  1. The end surface cleaning first with dust-free paper which is moistened with alcohol, then dry the end surface with dry dust-free paper.

  2. Use a combination of fiber light source and optical power meter for testing, prepare the fiber patch cord to the light source, mind the end surface insertion loss less than 0.1dB. The flange test needs to use high-quality flanges, the traditional 1-2yuan flange with poor quality, test dozens or hundreds of times, the parameters may deteriorate. Using wire jumper to do the fiber optic cable test, making optical fiber fast connector connected to the fiber under test. Mind the covered wire jumper end surface insertion loss below 0.1dB.

  3.Regular cleaning flange ceramic sleeves and special swabs which are covered when test fiber optical connectors, using air-laid paper and ceramic ferrule end face of the fiber jumpers. When suspect flange and fiber jumper’s pointer exception, can through the comparative analysis of replace flange and fiber jumpers. General fiber jumpers and flange allows mating cycles of 500 times, need to replace the damaged fiber jumpers and flange timely.

  4. When the test index is unnormal, should pay attention to the fiber micro bending weather is under the specified range, check the fiber is a broken or existence of a fiber cut.

  5. Surface contamination will affect the test parameters, need to prepare the surface detector, check the end cleaning quality when abnormal.

  The Method when test data is abnormal

  1. Indicators in the 0.3-0.5dB, clean the end surface and retest.

  2. Indicators above0.5dB, clean the end surface, re-prepare a test fiber and re-test.


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