Optical Fiber Communication

日期: 2020-04-27
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         Optical fiber communication technology stands out from optical communication and has become one of the main pillars of modern communication, playing an important role in the modern telecommunications network. Optical fiber communication is an emerging technology. Its rapid development and wide application range in recent years are rare in the history of communication. It is also an important symbol of the world's new technological revolution and the main transmission tool for various information in the future information society.

Optical Fiber Communication


         Optical fiber is short for optical fiber. Optical fiber communication is a communication method that uses light waves as an information carrier and optical fibers as a transmission medium. From a principle point of view, the basic material elements that constitute optical fiber communication are optical fiber, light source and photodetector.


         Optical fiber communication is a communication method that uses light waves as a carrier and uses optical fiber as a transmission medium to transfer information from one place to another. It is called 'wired' optical communication. Today, optical fiber has become the main transmission method in the world due to its transmission frequency bandwidth, high anti-interference and low signal attenuation, which is far superior to the transmission of cable and microwave communication.


         In addition to optical fiber classification according to manufacturing process, material composition and optical characteristics, in application, optical fiber is often classified according to use, which can be divided into optical fiber for communication and optical fiber for sensing. Transmission media fiber is divided into general and special, and functional device fiber refers to the fiber used to complete the functions of light wave amplification, shaping, frequency division, frequency doubling, modulation, and optical oscillation, and often uses a functional device. The form appears.

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