Welcom to “Amos Logistic” and his Tracking subsystem

Through this web based module You can track your purchase orders and so follow up your logistic easily.

1. Partire sulla Mappa (evitare i login): The Fleet Position
a. You can check the position list and select your Vessel from the map .
2. Selezionare una Nave: by selecting the vessel on the map you can visualize where your vessel is sailing
a. You have now a view – per STATION – of your active orders and also about your pending orders
3. Evidenziare la Port Rotation: This is the vessel route (Sky Lady su Singapore, Sea Breeze su Taipei, ocean lady su amburgo, star lady su rotterdam)
a. Your active orders are ready for delivery to the next or more convenient port. You can select the IT reference or your purchase order number to have a fast access to the supplier paper work.
b. by selecting a specific port in the port rotation (in the list or directly in the map), you can check what has been already delivered to your vessels
4. Evienziare gli ordini che saranno ricevuti:
a. Select the ORD reference to get pre-alert, shipping documents and the delivery note.
b. Purchasers, superintendents and marine technicians can check 24 hour per 7 days which orders have been already delivered on board or what is in transit to the vessel and where it will happens
5. Different partners can be accredited by you for access to the system and the system back end guides them during the entire workflow (from the order confirmation to your marine supplier up to your deck!)
6. This module tracks also the history of all the logistics activities per ship.
7. We offers electronic reporting of incoming cargo, shipment advice and integration with existing clients’purchasing systems. The tracking module can be extended to several actors of the logistic supply chain (forwarders, marine suppliers, vessel agents)

Post time: Aug-24-2016