November Birthday Meets Thanksgiving

日期: 2019-11-28
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          On November 28, 2019, we held a November birthday party, and it was especially meaningful on Thanksgiving Day.

November Birthday Meets Thanksgiving

November Birthday Meets Thanksgiving

          Thanksgiving Day, the American and Canadian holiday, was originally created by the United States. It was originally meant to thank Indians, and people often thank others on this day. At today ’s birthday party, our host shared the Thanksgiving quotes written by the company staff with cards, and each card revealed a deep sense of gratitude.

November Birthday Meets ThanksgivingNovember Birthday Meets Thanksgiving

          As always, we also shared some of the experiences of the birthday protagonists, and browsed their life photos, and then there was a laugh. We sang for them, applauded them, and finally, we also tasted the delicious food prepared by the company, which was particularly pleasant.

         Thanks to all the people and things you met, life is so colorful

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