Learn about fiber optic patch cord

日期: 2019-09-19
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Fiber optic patch cord

are common but indispensable fiber optic products in optical networks. People in the fiber optic industry generally have a certain understanding of it. Fibre patch cable, also known as fiber optic connectors,it means that the connector plugs are installed at both ends of the cable to realize the optical path active connection; the plug is called the pigtail at one end.

Fiber patch cords are classified as: FC type fibre patch cable (the external reinforcement method is a metal sleeve, the fastening method is a turnbuckle. Generally used on the ODF side); the SC type fibre patch cable (connecting the connector of the GBIC optical module, it The outer casing is rectangular, the fastening method is plug-and-pull type, no need to rotate); ST type fibre patch cable(usually used for fiber distribution frame, the casing is round, the fastening method is screw buckle); LC fibre patch cable (connector to the SFP module, which is made with a convenient modular jack (RJ) latch mechanism)

Learn about fiber optic patch cord

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